Security Intelligence Cryptocurrencies Platform


Included in the special elaborations department of Technopark in St. Petersburg


The first and only Russian platform for the prevention and investigation
of crimes related to the circulation of cryptocurrency.

Countering Financing Terrorism


Banks, Financial Institutions, Regulators


Procedures for anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Smart Echo


FinTech, Law Enforcement, Notary


Risk scoring levels, user reputations, identification of cryptowallet owners, storage of evidence. Tracking and monitoring of suspicious events.

Confidence Infrastructure


Owners Wallets, Cryptocompanies


Verification of cryptowallets of consumers and cryptocompanies. Ensuring trust and transparency. Reputational blockchain.

Compliance and Audit


Economic Sectors, Government


Automatic scoring ensuring compliance with regulation. Monitoring and assessing risks, smart contracts and digital financial assets. KYT procedures and due diligence.

Crypto Sonar


Investigators, Researchers


Visual transaction tracing, entity binding, classification and profiling. Joint investigations and in-depth researchers. Application of spraying or fusion techniques.

Management of work and audit of procedures


Customer Due Diligence

Implementation of a system for identification and verification
of clients of investment services operators

Automation and methodology development

Privacy and identity display by a third trusted party.
Accounting for such risks as investment, legal, involvement in money laundering schemes and others

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About SICP

Security Intelligence Cryptocurrencies Platform - Cybersecurity infrastructure of the blockchain and antifraud in the cryptocurrency sphere. SICP - antiscam, trust, compliance.

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